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You can buy and sell digital advertising contracts on our marketpace and transfer all rights to another buyer or advertiser.

Ad placement

See the conditions of the owners or influencers and close ad contracts to place an advertising post on the media channel.

Hold and Sell later

Digital advertising contract is your property and you can store it on your account for unlimited time. Sell or use the contract whenever you wish.

The contract price depends on the number of subscribers and is updated every day.

We have developed a simple algorithm for setting prices for advertising contracts. More subscribers - higher price.

FinPanda Team

Invest in influencers just like a stock market

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NFT technology is ideal for transferring intellectual property rights. Our users can create NFT for advertising contracts and transfer rights to other persons and trade on marketplaces such as

Cases of use:

  • Using NFT as a deposite to get a loan
  • Trade on any marketplaces

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What Our Early-Adopters Say

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Polina Mironova

It's amazing if I can buy my favorite bloggers as a share of companies such as Apple™ or Tesla™ and make money on their growing popularity.

Samuel Mishin

I have more than 40k followers in instagram and my audience listens to me. My subscribers are my media capital, it will be cool if I can monetize my influence.